Ellen McCarn's
"Ultimate Bishop Dress"

The Ultimate Bishop Dress Pattern by Ellen McCarn is a unique concept for the bishop dress. Notice the hem is straight across and the garment does not "hike up" under the arms as in other patterns. More pleats around the neck enhance the smocking. You can even picture smock around this neck! There is a "puff" built into the top of the sleeve which is elegant and full for an increased range of motion.

For further explanation on the innovative design work that makes our bishop "ultimate",
read a response from Ellen to an inquiry from one our customers, Jenny G.

A detailed, 24-page, step-by-step instruction booklet with over 150 illustrations, and a multi-sized smocking design are included. There are over 6 garment variations in the two multi-sized patterns:

40002.1                                                   40002.2
Sizes 3 mos.-4 yrs.                                   Sizes 5 yrs.-12 yrs.

Suggested Retail Price $15.00
Ellen McCarn's
"Ultimate Yoke Dress"

The Ulitmate Yoke Dress Pattern by Ellen McCarn is compatible in size with the Bishop Dress.  Both are sized according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.  

A multi-sized smocking design is included in the 24-page, step-by-step instruction booklet, with over 180 illustrations.  There are multiple variations for sleeve, collar, hems and waistline treatments in the two multi-sized patterns:

40003.1                                      40003.2
Sizes 3 mos.-4 yrs.                     Sizes 5 yrs.-14 yrs. 

Suggested  Retail Price $15.00
"Smock & Block Guide"

The Smock & Block Guide ™ is a versatile aid to use from the start to finishing of the smocked garment, be it Bishop or Yoke, Collar or Insert.   The fabric is a heavy-weight and durable non-woven, pressed fiber that is stretch-resistant, can be pinned on or basted to, and cleaned, if necessary, without shrinking!

Suggested Retail Price $9.00

"Ellen McCarn
on English Smocking"

With 32 pages of beautifully illustrated instructions, the color booklet covers beginning through advanced smocking and includes sections on pleating and construction advice. 

150 step-by-step illustrations, photographs and 7 designs make this volume a must for both student and accomplished smocker.

Suggested Retail Price $12.00
"Picture Smocking
with Ellen McCarn"

The definitive guide for picture smocking, this 48-page color booklet is a must for beginning and advanced stacking instruction. 

With over 100 step-by-step illustrations & photographs, this volume also contains seven color designs, 12 interchangeable designs, 12 yoke borders and 12 round-neck borders, plus numerous helpful tips.

Suggested Retail Price $12.00
"One Stitch At A Time
with Ellen McCarn"

The Guide for beginners in English Smocking, this teaching guide contains six designs, a pillow pattern, and eyelet and lace collar instructions. 7 pages.

Suggested Retail Price $6.00
Ellen McCarn's
"Collars & More"

The Collar Collection for The Ultimate Yoke Dress by Ellen McCarn includes 12 collar shapes and variations for the High or Raised Yoke Dress and the Dropped Yoke.  The Dropped Yoke Front Pattern Pieces that go with the Ultimate Yoke Dress are included in this pattern for those wishing to have an unsmocked garment with a larger collar.  

Also included are designs and detailed instructions for basic Embroidery, Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Shadow Work and Applique.

40004.1                      40004.2
      Sizes 3 mos.-4 yrs.    Sizes 5 yrs.-14 yrs.

Suggested Retail Price $12.00
"English Floral Monograms"

This 4-page booklet has 2 versatile designs for yoke (or hand bag) and round neck garments. Suitable for all seasons by changing the dominant color, this booklet has detailed instructions and graphed alphabet.

Suggested Retail Price $4.00
"English Smocking Button Back Pillow"

A lovely and elegant way to add to your home decor.  The finished pillow measures approximately 20"x16" for a 14 row design, and has a button back for easy laundering. 

Suggested Retail Price $4.00
"Smocked Inserts
on Knits and Tee Shirts"

Begin summer with an easy project for casual living.  It is great for all ages and fits the slim to full figured. 

Kit includes:
• Smocking instructions & graphs for "Flower & Ladybugs” design pictured on cover
• Detailed instructions with illustrations for insert construction
• 6x7” piece of Sulky Sticky™ Pressure Sensitive Stabilizer
(enough for 2 tee shirts, as pictured) 

Suggested Retail Price $6.00
"Smocked Tank Top"

This is a great project for "tired of" or "outgrown the heirloom frills" kids and adults.  It can sport smocking in a raised waist, as pictured above, or at the waist.  Appropriate for Tweens through Adults!

    * Pleating and reconstruction instructions are detailed and easy to follow.
    * 4 geometric designs that can be used on the tank top, bonnets or other garments are included with D.M.C. color suggestions.

Suggested Retail Price $4.00

This is a great NEW idea for summer, back-to-school or anytime:

* It's a tote bag made out of a tank top - use either out grown or never worn!
* The tank top straps become the "T" Bag handles!
* Use the "T" Bag for beach, sports, ballet, camp, overnight, laundry, pet supplies, general purpose - uses are unlimited!
* It's a quick and easy sewing project for classes, Moms and kids of any age, girls or guys!
* Instructions explain decorating it, including some designs for embellishments that can be sewn, pressed on, or glued!
* Detailed, step-by-step instructions show how to construct the bag!

Suggested Retail Price $4.00
© 2011 Ellen McCarn
McCarn Enterprises, Inc.
"A Christmas Story", written and illustrated by Ellen McCarn, is a 32-page story about a little teddy bear watching and participating as two children go through the preparations and joys of the holiday season. A parallel story follows on every other page, simultaneously progressing to their discovery of the true meaning of Christmas - the Ultimate Gift. The drawings and handwritten copy are in their original format to preserve the feeling of a simple and unaffected message.

The "keepsake" first edition is printed on fine, cream-colored, durable and coated cover-stock paper. The cover features a precious little gold foil-stamped bear sitting in an open gift box gazing at a star, which is die-cut and overlays fly page with decorative, gold-stamped stars. The spine is die-cut top left with a small hole, through which an elegant handmade metallic floss tassel is attached. Individually packaged in a clear plastic bag to preserve it's appearance. 

Suggested Retail Price $7.00
"A Christmas Story"
by Ellen Dahlene McCarn
"Christmas Ball and Stocking
with Candy Cane Letters"

A simple alphabet for English Smocking.  This festive design is appropriate for a garment, pillow, or for use on a Christmas stocking or Christmas ball.  Pattern for stocking included.

Suggested Retail Price $6.00
"Heirloom Christmas Tree"
(Quick & Easy!)

Enjoy this charming smocked Christmas tree in ecru or other ribbon colors.  The pictured tree is 6" tall, and the instructions have a chart for figuring out ribbon yardage for larger or smaller trees.  Detailed instructions for pleating single-face satin ribbon are included.

Suggested Retail Price $4.00
"Smock 'n Stick Minis"

Enjoy these quick & easy designs year 'round by changing the colors to pastels or to match your decor in the bedroom, bath or kitchen.  Hand 3 on a ribbon with a bow at the top for a small area.  Detailed instructions for pleating single-faced satin ribbon are included.

Suggested Retail Price $4.00
I have actually just received your book "Ellen McCarn on English Smocking".  I plan to devour it!  Thanks!
Myra D.

New cover for our same trusted pattern!
Photography by Kerry McCarn-Ostir
New cover for our same trusted pattern!
Photography by Kerry McCarn-Ostir

"Lizzie's Playground & Party Dress"
by Ellen McCarn

Quick & Fun, It's Great For A Beginner Sewing Class!
Full Of Variations And Options For:

                                    ● Color Block Choices
                                    ● Neckline Choices
                                            ● Scoop
                                            ● Sundress
                                            ● Round Neck
                                            ● Sweetheart
                                  ● Sleeveless, Angel Or Short Sleeve
                                  ● Also Great For Monogramming And Applique
                                  ● Skirt Has Only 1 Seam Center-Back

A Step-by-Step Illustrated Instructional Booklet Is Included

40006.1                                        40006.2
                Sizes 3 mos. - 4 yrs.                      Sizes 5 yrs. - 8 yrs.

Suggested Retail Price $15.00