Samples From
"Lizzie's Closet"
(Ellen's Granddaughter)

Ellen McCarn's Ultimate Bishop & Ultimate Yoke Dress Patterns Used In All Samples
"Fairy Princess"
Look!  No smocking!
The Bishop Dress adapts perfectly
using the
Dropped Yoke front from the Classic Heirloom Collection "Collars & More" pattern.
"Twas the Night..."
Unpublished Easter Design
"Baby Hearts for Kerry"
"Trick or Treat?"
One-of-a-kind 1st Birthday Design
"First Christmas"
Garments Below Use a Variation of Ellen McCarn's Ultimate Yoke Dress
Another one-of-a-kind dress for Lizzie's "Frozen"-themed
Third Birthday Party!
Pattern used is the Ultimate Yoke Dress with a scooped & shaped neck.
One of Lizzie's Playmates
Unpublished Design Created Using Our Pro-Portional Graph Paper
© 2011 Ellen McCarn
McCarn Enterprises, Inc.
Four new pre-school dresses for Lizzie.  So easy & so quick using our Ultimate Yoke & Ultimate Bishop Dress Patterns!  Why spend more buying "off-the-rack" when you can create something unique for the special little girl(s) in your life?
Again, no smocking required!
"Reindeer Games"
"Pretty Ponies"
Lizzie's Fourth-Year-Birthday Dress
"Dia de los Muertos"
or...Happy Halloween!
"Christmas Balls"

DMC Colors Used:
Droid:  White Blanc Neige, Orange 740, Gray 647, Dark Gray 645 & Black 310
Grass:  1/2-space, 1-step waves in colors (from top to bottom) 703, 731, 704, 729 & 702
Trees:  1-space, 4-step waves alternating with 1/2-space, 2-step waves in colors (from top to bottom) 703, 731, 701 & 703.
This little droid was a request from granddaughter Lizzie for her 5th birthday dress.  We cannot offer the design for sale for obvious reasons.  However, you can design your own special, one-of-a-kind garments using our "Pro-Portional Stacking Graph Paper".  Simply draw the design on the paper and fill in the stitches.  It will be proportional to the actual work.  "Pro-Portional Geometric Graph Paper" is also available. 
When it's "hotter than the 4th of July", these quick & easy variations of Ellen McCarn's Classic Heirloom Collection Ultimate Yoke Dress pattern provide a cool solution for beating the heat.
Happy Halloween in 2016!
Garment is a variation of our new pattern
"Lizzie's Playground & Party Dress"

"Happy Birthday!" to Lizzie with another one-of-a-kind dress for her Wonder Woman themed party.  A smocked variation of the new Ellen McCarn pattern Lizzie's Playground & Party Dress was used, featuring smocking one inch below the armhole curve for the older child.  Gold cord belt & matching buttons add just the right touch of flair.

The logo design was created using our Pro-Portional Stacking Graph Paper.
Design not available commercially.