Samples From
"Lizzie's Closet"
(Ellen's Granddaughter)

The Ellen McCarn Patterns
Ultimate Bishop DressUltimate Yoke Dress,  Lizzie's Playground & Party Dress,
and The Contemporary Smocked Yoke Dress
Used In All Samples
"Fairy Princess"
Look!  No smocking!
The Bishop Dress adapts perfectly
using the
Dropped Yoke front from the Classic Heirloom Collection "Collars & More" pattern.
"Twas the Night..."
Unpublished Easter Design
"Baby Hearts for Kerry"
"Trick or Treat?"
One-of-a-kind 1st Birthday Design
"First Christmas"
Garments Below Use a Variation of Ellen McCarn's Ultimate Yoke Dress
Another one-of-a-kind dress for Lizzie's "Frozen"-themed
Third Birthday Party!
Pattern used is the Ultimate Yoke Dress with a scooped & shaped neck.
One of Lizzie's Playmates
Unpublished Design Created Using Our Pro-Portional Graph Paper
© 2011 Ellen McCarn
McCarn Enterprises, Inc.
Four new pre-school dresses for Lizzie.  So easy & so quick using our Ultimate Yoke & Ultimate Bishop Dress Patterns!  Why spend more buying "off-the-rack" when you can create something unique for the special little girl(s) in your life?
Again, no smocking required!
"Reindeer Games"
"Pretty Ponies"
Lizzie's Fourth-Year-Birthday Dress
"Dia de los Muertos"
or...Happy Halloween!
"Christmas Balls"

DMC Colors Used:
Droid:  White Blanc Neige, Orange 740, Gray 647, Dark Gray 645 & Black 310
Grass:  1/2-space, 1-step waves in colors (from top to bottom) 703, 731, 704, 729 & 702
Trees:  1-space, 4-step waves alternating with 1/2-space, 2-step waves in colors (from top to bottom) 703, 731, 701 & 703.
This little droid was a request from granddaughter Lizzie for her 5th birthday dress.  We cannot offer the design for sale for obvious reasons.  However, you can design your own special, one-of-a-kind garments using our "Pro-Portional Stacking Graph Paper".  Simply draw the design on the paper and fill in the stitches.  It will be proportional to the actual work.  "Pro-Portional Geometric Graph Paper" is also available. 
When it's "hotter than the 4th of July", these quick & easy variations of Ellen McCarn's Classic Heirloom Collection Ultimate Yoke Dress pattern provide a cool solution for beating the heat.
Happy Halloween in 2016!
 The new Ellen McCarn pattern
"The Contemporary Smocked Yoke Dress"
 The new Ellen McCarn pattern
"The Contemporary Smocked Yoke Dress"

featuring smocking one inch below the armhole curve for the older child.
Gold cord belt & matching buttons add just the right touch of flair.

The logo design was created using our Pro-Portional Stacking Graph Paper.
Design not available commercially.
"Happy Birthday!" to Lizzie
with another one-of-a-kind dress for her Wonder Woman themed party.